Biofeedback Therapy

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Biofeedback Therapy

Based on principles from quantum physics, traditional Chinese medicine, biology and epigenetics, the IMAET biofeedback system applies cutting-edge technology to analyze subtle cellular processes and to provide results based on the body’s reactivity to help identify hidden allergens, toxins, and genetic variants that could play a role in stress management. From there, our practitioners can create an effective, personalized biofeedback program to harmonize your body.

BioFeedback is a proven energy medicine tool to communicate with our body’s genes to find imbalances and blockages using a feedback program necessary to correct and bring our body back to a state of BALANCE.

Find out today which of your genes are “turned on” to prevent potential diseases. We show you the energetic imbalances that may be causing your symptoms and illnesses which leads to dis-ease.

Look for hypersensitivity factors that may be causing inflammation creating disharmony to your body’s organs and systems.